Positive and Negative Reinforcement-

  • Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement are the same in that they BOTH are used to increase behaviors in the future.
  • Positive Reinforcement- TO ADD something to increase behaviors
  • Negative Reinforcement- To remove an aversion to increase behaviors
  • Negative Reinforcement is NOT PUNISHMENT (to take away reinforcement)**

SHORT VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB_OM5d2NmA

7 Dimensions of ABA-

This week we are taking a deeper look into the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, otherwise referred to as “ABA.’ ABA) is based on evidenced-based scientific methods using the 7 dimensions (Baer, Wolf, Risley, 1968) that all practitioners should follow. It is important that an individual’s treatment plan has goals following these 7 dimensions: 1) Generality, 2) Effective, 3) Technological, 4) Applied, 5) Conceptually Systematic, 6) Analytic, 7) Behavioral. The ultimate goal of a Behavior Analyst is to bring about meaningful change to their children and families and for that change to occur in situations other than where it was explicitly taught, (i.e., community, school, with family members, etc.). That meaningful change can happen when Behavior Analysts are using the 7 dimensions of ABA #getacab.
SHORT VIDEO: (Please watch and discuss) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkKSgFosNzE


Training Topics

ALL SUPERVISIONS ARE BY ZOOM until further notice

  • March 20th- OFFICE CLOSED

Current Actions for RBC STAFF

  • Supervisions will be done remotely (ZOOM) for the next week and will be monitored weekly thereafter.  Please sign in on zoom for all INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP SUPERVISION NEXT WEEK! THIS INCLUDES BSC SUPERVISIONS.
  • BSC staff are encouraged to work from home for indirect services and not the office
  • We do not want staff in the office between clients waiting.  Risk to others in the office is high and are hopeful to reduce spread to all staff 
  • If a client is not ill and schools are open, you are permitted to work
  • If any client or family member is sick- THIS MUST BE reported in the RBC PORTAL IMMEDIATELY
  • Onsite Supervisions for March should be done within the next week in the event of any closures
  • If you or another staff are sick, encourage them to stay home.  No one will be reprimanded for over the limit calls offs if sick related to COVID 19 or the flu.  A doctor’s note is required after 3 days before allowed to return to work.  Staff must be fever free for 24 hours prior to returning


Full Time (FT)-

1 Individual Per Month

3 GROUP Supervisions

Onsite every 4 months

Part Time (PT)

1 Individual Per Month

1 GROUP Supervision

Onsite every 4 months

Clearance Information

BHT/TSS Supervision Requirements

7 Dimensions of ABA


  • Cannot be scheduled the same week as another supervision
  • Must be 1 on 1 with a BSC or Director
  • Should be in the office or TEAMS ONLY
  • Cannot be Phone


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