Research indicates that when parents participate in their child's treatment, positive outcome increases.

Parents and Caregivers are encouraged and expected to participate in all strength based approaches and treatment planning.






We believe in providing quality services to families and children that are consumer driven and that promote personal development and maximize individual potential.  Regional Behavioral Consultants maintains the highest ethical standards in all services provided.

What we offer:

Behavioral Health Services that include;

Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC)- A Master's level clinician with experience in behavior management strategies and working with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and other mental health diagnosis.  This person serves as a consultant to the child's team and is responsible for providing families with information regarding the diagnosis and interventions, observations of the child, data collection, development of behavior plans, treatment plans and supervision of TSS.

Mobile Therapist (MT)- A Master's level clinician with experience in play therapy, individual therapy, family therapy and group therapy.  This person  provides one-on-one therapy with the child.

Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS)- A  Bachelor's level clinician.  This person is specifically trained to work with children with Autism and other mental health diagnosis.  This person provides one-on-one interventions to the child according to treatment goals.

Children participating in our wraparound services will benefit from highly trained professionals in the area of

  • Evidence Based Behavioral Modification

  • Positive Support Plans that focus on the child's strengths

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis

  •  Discrete Trial Therapy

  •  DIR-Floor Time Play

  •  Sensory Motor Activities

  •  Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS)

  •  Social Skill Interventions

  •  Child Development 

  •  Best Practices Guidelines

  •  Social Stories